After 17 years of rewrites on the script for my 2nd feature, I wanted to make something,  anything (preferably short). The result was the first episode of The Louise Log.  My feature film How To Be Louise was in competition at Sundance.  I’m a Guggenheim Fellow.







MORDECAI MARK GREEN                           WRITER

Organic Chemistry Principles in Context: A Story Telling Historical Approach

Organic Chemistry Principles and Industrial Practice




KIRA JOSEFSSON                                 PRODUCTION MANAGER                    

Kira sees herself first and foremost as a reader and writer. She is trained as a political theorist and passionate about feminism and equality. This is her first film production, but she has worked as a magazine editor in Sweden, her motherland, and found that there are many similarities between pulling together a magazine and a movie production. 






NIK KUNDEL                                              LIGHTING

After spending most of his life as a scientist and as a high school teacher,  Nik is still busy reinventing himself. As much as he loves teaching Science and Math, he likes every aspect of film making, especially post-production. So when he is not teaching, he is busy editing films and videos or being part of a film crew. 





Karen has straddled the border of reality and fiction in work and life working as a documentary filmmaker, editor and producer of films/videos on issues of women, class, and race; a former associate producer of PBS’s POV documentary series and producer of videos on Women and Violence featuring Adrienne Rich and Susan Brownmiller filmed at Riker’s Island House of Detention. Karen has been a closeted fiction writer since her childhood in Reno NV where she received a full dose of false reality. A mother of two young men and a widow, she lives in Maplewood NJ. 




WAYNE SCHRENGOHST                                       ART DIRECTOR

Wayne is a craftsman.  He works with wood, words, sound, steel, light, and heart to create theater, films, puppets, props, sets, lighting, and homes.  His acting, improv, sound design, and audio engineering have been featured in theater, film festival, feature film, recorded and performed music, and television.
















LAURA HANNA                                     SOUND EDITOR







SANDRA VANNUCCHI                           WRITER  

Sandra Vannucchi is a director and writer. Born and raised in Italy near Florence, she received her B.F.A. in Film and Television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her short film Back Waters won NYU’s Nestor Almendros Award and Sunday Morning was broadcast on the IFC. Vannucchi worked as David Chase’s writer’s assistant and is in Italy completing her debut feature “The Escape”.








DEB MICALLEF                             ASSISTANT DIRECTOR


MIKE HUSON                           ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

Mike Huson is a life-long Ohioan and is currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. He is a writer/reporter for Sinclair’s student newspaper, the Clarion.  He had a blast working with the amazing Anne Flournoy and talented cast and crew of the second season of The Louise Log.

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RYAN STANSKY                             POST PRODUCTION                                            

Ryan Stansky is a music producer, business professional and drummer who used to make much of his living in video production.  Ryan has helped with post-production on The Louise Log since the beginning.  “And I’ve loved every minute of it…”  Ryan

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WALIS JOHNSON                         SCRIPT SUPERVISOR  

There is a lot to say and not enough words.  So here’s a cryptic  “tweet”:  I am an old filmmaker and a new filmmaker who’s into:   Film.  Media. Audio. Social.  Action.  Fun.  Life.  Living.  Love.  In process.  You figure it out.  More will be revealed….