Friend of The Louise Log Quote: From Maggie Burke Snyder aka Marilyn Snyder

Here's our "I Love Louise" quote from Maggie Burke Snyder aka Marilyn Snyder ... Thank you Friend!

Find out more about Maggie:

Maggie's award-winning film Psychoanalysis Changed My Life

Another of Maggie's Award-winning films The Getaway

Maggie's books "An Informed Decision" (M. Evans & Co.) and "A Second Chance for Tina (Scholastic)

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About Ellen DeGeneres: (part 2) 25 hours = 3800 views

NO idea of what is going on but here's what our youtube analytics look like, yesterday at 1PM:

Today at 2PM:

One thing that's certain is that this would not be happening without the support of friends of this show for the past 7 years...  WE WOULD NOT BE HERE. 

Without your clicks and precious comments, encouraging emails, social media sharing, contributions of hard-earned cash to our Seed&Spark Crowdfunder, votes on our PBS/WNET !3 run, clicks on the Shorty Award campaign ... WE WOULD NOT BE HERE.  This would NOT BE HAPPENING.  This is the victory of the little web series that could because of its amazingly fierce and generous fan base who made it possible for us to KEEP GOING.  

I thank you from my heart.  Video coming soon starring yours truly heaped with gratitude.  


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(This is just the tip of the iceberg...  Please stay tuned!)

In case you missed the video: