New York City, New York (Dec 8, 2013) Critically acclaimed, Shorty Award nominated comedy web series The Louise Log is back for a 3rd season after overwhelming support from fans in a recent successful crowdfunding campaign, and series creator Anne Flournoy has welcomed a major change; a new Louise - Morgan Hallett, who has appeared on Broadway in Translations and Long Day's Journey Into Night. Series creator Anne Flournoy has released an official trailer for the new season (, a sneak peek at one new episode ( and plans to release a new episode each month for at least ten months in the new year.

"We knew last summer that the original Louise was not returning, that we'd have to recast and we did. But after one day of shooting with the 'new' Louise, it became clear that we needed to re-recast Louise-  and on the double. Crew members had started booking other work and the production showed signs of crumbling.  The next day Morgan Hallett walked in the door, a godsend - brilliant, beautiful, generous and wicked funny." says Anne Flournoy.

She joins a veteran cast of new faces to The Louise Log, among them New York theatre legend Everett Quinton, Drama Desk nominee Joseph Franchini, Jay Patterson, Wayne Maugans and Jayne Haynes.

"Having the audience finance the production gave me a huge boost in confidence to go crazy with the script. Lucky for me, wizard co-writer Mordecai Green found a way to turn the crazy into stories.  Add wildly talented actors and our only real problem was having to cut in the middle of takes because the cast was breaking up laughing."

"The Louise Log", based on the inner life of a real NYC housewife, become an underground favorite during it's 2nd season, earning seemingly unlikely recommendations from the likes of playwright Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues), comedian/actor Suzy Soro and film critic Roger Ebert. The series' audience tunes in to hear the confessions of Louise, a Greenwich Village wife and mother detoured from her life's dream by the antics of her strong-willed, crackpot relatives.

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